Here at Inspired Kings Langley we firmly believe that in today’s society people are completely serious about setting and achieving their goals – they just simply don’t have the knowledge, the time or most importantly the money in order to make this a reality.

The great thing about the team at Inspired Kings Langley is that we hold the belief in our clients abilities, and we make it possible to achieve whatever goals you, our client, is focused on – by helping you with the initial setting of realistic goals, personalised workouts and nutrition plans all at a fraction of the cost that you would normally incur with a personal trainer.


If like a lot of people you have that ‘fear’ factor of attending a gym full of people because it feels intimidating, then you will love the semi-private training that we offer here at Inspired Kings Langley. You will be working out with like minded people in a warm and friendly atmosphere allowing you to focus on your goals whilst feeling totally relaxed in your environment. Unlike other gyms where you can be left to your own devices, here at Inspired there will always be a trainer on hand to coach you through your workout.


Our team is totally results based and goal focused, which means we want you, our client to succeed and achieve your goals and by giving you constant contact with a fitness advisor this becomes a true reality. It is because of this relationship with your trainer that you will be able to have a better consistency which in turn will lead to longer lasting results because you will know that this programme has been specifically designed for you and you only.


Where most gyms nowadays try and tie you a 12 month contract – there is no contract with Inspired.

At Inspired we truly want you to achieve your goals so we will be constantly motivating you and pushing you on. The team here at Inspired Kings Langley will structure your journey with us in the following way until your goals are attained:-

. Allow you to book free body diagnostic reading
. Book a free trial session
. Complete consultation for personalised goal setting, food list, barriers and help with choosing the right package for you as the client
. A personal work out and nutrition plan is then designed
. Four week review and progress meeting – body diagnostic, feedback from you as our client, feedback from your trainer
. Change plans accordingly due to progress meeting


As mentioned previously a typical gym can be a big daunting environment – Inspired is a small, personal and exclusive facility where each member is able to have their own journey. We scaled down the traditional and unsuccessful ‘gym’ model to isolate the elements required to ensure each individual is treated with respect, understanding and a total holistic view to life balance and goals. This allowed us to formulate semi-private training in an exclusively private environment that guarantees success without feelings of intimidation or confidence barriers to overcome.


Inspired Kings Langley is open 14 hours a day – 5 days a week and then half days at the weekend, with a full structured programme to suit all needs. This enable us to ensure that your trainer is fully focused on you and your routine and will be there to motivate you and structure your training around your lifestyle so that you go ahead and succeed.

The Inspired Team are goal focused and results driven and by allowing you to train in our state of the art studio which has the newest and latest in fitness technology the industry has to offer, your health and fitness aspirations will become a reality.


We offer unbeatable customer service and support from trainers/advisors that help to make your journey both enjoyable as well as successful.

Inspired want to help anybody who has a goal and doesn’t feel confident in themselves or their appearance, we will do everything we can for our clients to succeed.