If you have been a member of a gym before then you will no doubt be familiar with the typical boring layout of a mainstream gym … for example, lines and lines of treadmills, cross trainers and rowing machines which are all in close proximity of each other along with the weight section that really intimidates you as it is full of people trying to lift the biggest weights possible.

You then have a quick induction and spend the rest of your time wondering aimlessly around the gym not really knowing which exercises or routines you should be following and probably find yourself just using the same few machines on a daily basis.  All in all not really getting much for your money and most importantly not getting the desired results you are really looking for.


Here at Inspired Kings Langley we have used all of our knowledge and expertise gathered over the years to offer our clients an informal and relaxed atmosphere whilst at the same time giving you access to the latest state of the art equipment so that you are able to reach your goals.

Our Inspired Studio is a fully equipped Technogym studio with functional equipment such as indoor tyres (which can be used on the indoor track), TRX for suspension training and sand balls for example.  Add to that the kinesis from our Technogym which is of course excellent for functional plans and real movements allowing you to incorporate a range of exercises into your programme.

As you would expect the Inspired Kings Langley studio also offers a treadmill and bike which has a fully responsive touchscreen monitor that gives access to the radio for example and 45 preset TV channels.  The treadmill in particular is so state of the art that it has pre-determined routes built in which means you can actually go for a jog over in San Francisco without leaving the Inspired studio.


As if that wasn’t enough you will be given thorough instruction on how everything works as well as having a structured programme put in place that has been agreed between yourself and your instructor.  You will then find that whenever you are at the studio on a workout your instructor will be readily available should you have any problems or concerns.  This is because we aim to make you feel as comfortable and at ease at all times during your Inspired experience.

It is because of the way the Inspired team have structured the club and access for it’s clients that at no point will you be left sitting around waiting for equipment to become free because there are so many people in the studio at the same time.  You will feel like a celebrity working out with your own personal trainer here in our open studio as we are totally committed in helping you achieve your goals.

The Inspired Kings Langley team have made it their own personal goal to allow you to achieve your results by allowing you to train in an environment where YOU – the client feels as comfortable as possible whether it be with the trainer or with the other clients. 


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