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As you may or may not be aware Inspired Kings Langley offer a wide range of packages which fall under various remits. Below we have made available a list of packages which we believe can be structured towards any of our clients.

With the help of our experienced team we are able to offer our clients not one but FIVE packages which will allow us to focus on what is required in order for you to be able to look your best for whatever reason you are planning.



Book Body Transformation Package

The first package we offer is the Body Transformation Package which is aimed at giving you a longer focus on your goals and is therefore spread out over a 12 week minimum time frame (with an optional 8 week opt out) and is priced at an extremely affordable price of just £600.  The Inspired Body Transformation Package when broken down offers you the following:-

– 3 months with a 1 month get out clause

– 3 month unlimited outdoor fitness

– 3 spt studio sessions per week (12 SPT sessions per month)

– Monthly nutrition plan, monthly progress meeting, monthly body stat diagnostics, before & after photos (optional)

Price – £600


As explained this package is spread over a period of 12 weeks minimum which means the goals you set with our team will be 100% achievable no matter how hard they may seem.


Book Beach Body Package

The second package offered by Inspired Kings Langley is the Beach Body Package and is spread out over a slightly more aggressive time frame of 6 weeks which again is priced at a low £340.  If you are getting closer to your holiday and are struggling to lose those last few pounds, want to tone up or simply want to get as close to your perfect body as you can then this is for you.

The Inspired Beach Body Package when broken down offers you the following:-

– 3 x SPT studio sessions on weeks 1-4

– 2  x SPT sessions on weeks 4-6

– 1 x 6 week training programme & nutrition plan

– Body stat diagnostics included

– Weekly guidance on goal assessments

Price – £340


As we have mentioned before this package is ideal if holiday is getting ever closer.


Book New To Fitness Package

The next package is the New To Fitness Package which is ideal for those of you venturing into a fitness programme for the first time.  The inspired New To Fitness Package offers you the following:-

– 2 SPT studio sessions per week

– 1 x Healthy eating manual

– Weekly guidance / consultation on motivation & goals

– Weekly exercise plan for studio & home based training

Price – £300


This New To Fitness Package is spread over 8 weeks at a competitive £300.


Book Health Maintenance Package

Perhaps you may simply be interested in being healthy and staying healthy in which case the Inspired Health Maintenance Package could be for you:-

– 2 SPT studio session per week

– 1 x Indoor Class

– Specific home work out designed by a health specialist

– Monthly body diagnostics

Price – £144


This is a slightly cheaper way of being involved with Inspired whilst maintain your goals and is spread over a 4 week time frame at a cost of £144.


Finally if you can’t find the package that suits your needs fully then we offer the ‘Pick n Mix’ Package which allows you to mix between packages.  This is broken down as follows:-

– Studio SPT – £20 per session (single session)

– Studio SPT – £16 per session (block bookings)

– 4 week Nutrition plan – £50

– Body diagnostic – £50

– £10 outdoor session

Block of 5 – £40 (saving yourself £10)

***4 week timeframe


Whichever package you decide on you can rest assured that we here at Inspired Kings Langley we will do everything we can to help you achieve those goals that you have agreed with your instructor.  One of our core values is that we are totally focused and results driven which means we won’t be happy until you are.

If you would like any more information on either of these packages then please contact one of our team for a free, informal and friendly chat.


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