Open Studio Exclusive Memberships

To book our dedicated Studio Class options visit here: Studio Class Bookings

Our OPEN STUDIO EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP came about from feedback from our members and allows you to book a straight forward £75 option, where you have full open access to all studios at any time.

Please note sessions only cater for 6 per 45 minutes! This will be managed on a first come first serve-booking basis! So REMEMBER TO BOOK EARLY.

The breakdown for studio classed offered by Inspired Kings Langley are as follows:-

– £75 per month ( access to all open studio sessions – 7 DAYS A WEEK)

– Book online via website or facebook
– Book with fitness consultant at INSPIRED


The friendly team at Inspired Kings Langley are 100% focused on ensuring you receive a truly personal services when you visiting our premium facilities and aim to help you achieve your specific short and long term goals by offering you access to a trainer for constant advice.

With that in mind the team have put together a wide range of studio classes which are structured in such a way that you reach the levels you require with minimum effort.  These classes are all limited to 8 people (or less) so as to allow the trainer to focus on each of you and your needs on more of a personal basis.