The Inspired Journey – What Can You Expect?

AV9O6297On your first step of your Inspired journey you will be warmly greeted by a member of our welcoming Inspired Team and shown around our premium gold standard facilities to gain a familiarity with your new training facility.

Next you will be shown to our Inspired Team consultation room to discuss your possible journey with us. A trainer will then offer you a complimentary hot or cold drink whilst having a very light hearted conversation regarding packages and what we have to offer.

As trainers we feel it’s important for us to get to know our clients and find out the root cause analysis of the problem, then we can diagnose how we can fix it.

Once a package/service has been agreed you are READY!

A consultation is then arranged for us to meet and finalise your desired goals. A Health Screen will have to be completed and passed in order for us to go further. We can start to list food preferences if a meal plan is included. Meals plans are 100% personal to an individual as we aim for a long term lifestyle change and NOT a short term fix diet!

You then need to have a honest discussion with your training about your goals and what you want to achieve, this will include talking about barriers which might stop you reaching these goals.

So you are now ready to hit the ground running!

AV9O6309Your trainer would have designed you a personalised goal focused exercise programme for your workouts with us.

Your trainer will always be on hand to help you, this could be correcting your form during an exercise, giving you that extra push to complete your last sprint interval or last rep on the kinesis. The list goes on. Inspired aim for gold standard customer service from start to finish.

Inspired trainers are always on hand for email support, phone support and moral support so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Are you still welcome at Inspired once you’ve achieved your desired goal?


You could have a new goal and we would love to help you with it! As you know we are a goal focused studio so we thrive off new challenges.

On the other hand you could take up our Health Maintenance Package or our Open Studio services. Studio & outdoor classes are also available if you would like to mix up your training type.

By this stage you have been INSPIRED and are feeling great, have met your desired goal, met new people and will want more of the INSPIRED experience!


IMG_2411Lucy Cole’s Success Story

“Lucy started her fitness journey due to being unhappy with her body and how she felt within herself, she started her fitness journey 12 months ago by training in her garage using just her bodyweight and making gradual lifestyle and nutrition changes. Step by step her body composition and outlook on health and fitness changed for the better. Lucy had never exercised before so we started from scratch and progressed her programs accordingly. We tweaked and progressed her programs every 4 weeks to guarantee constant progression.

The term ‘fussy eater’ was never truer with Lucy 12 months ago, small but very beneficial changes were made and now she is enjoying her food on her own personalised meal plan based on her personal food preferences.
Inspired doesn’t believe in being on diets, we base our client’s meal plans longevity so our clients can maintain and continue to progress. Your food really is the catalyst to real/true progression!

During a consistent 12 month period of progressive & smart training and nutrition programs Lucy has dropped a staggering 4 dress sizes and 28kg (4.7 stones). Lucy’s is still motivated and driven today and is currently on a lean tissue mass program striving towards her next goal.

Lucy has never been happier within herself; she has more confidence within herself more energy at work and is loving her new healthier and balanced lifestyle. More importantly she has a smile on her face.”

Lucy’s words – “Make the first dreaded step, and you’ll never look back, consistency is the key!”


IMG_2418 2

Alan Champion’s Journey

Alan starting training because he was very unhappy with the way that he looked, he was over  weight, felt low in mood and energy, he was also approaching 45 so the weight wasn’t just a vanity  issue but a health issue. Alan leads a very busy lifestyle and is often out of the country for 2-3 days per week if not more,  finding time for Alan to train was very difficult and keeping to a structured healthy diet was even worse as he was constantly eating on the go.

This was a difficult case but Alan had great determination to succeed in his goals, we discussed what he could do with his diet by preparing food for long journeys, keeping hydrated and having protein shakes on flights.

Alan utilised all the information given to him and implemented into his busy lifestyle, he trained at  least three times per week, he did everything, lifting tyres, boxing, kettle bells and swinging sledgehammers.

When Alan started his journey he was 107kg (16 stone 11lbs) and did not even have a second  thought about his alcohol intake and dietary requirements.

One year later Alan was 87kg (13 stone albs) (-12% body fat) and had a completely different  lifestyle, during this journey Alan didn’t just loose weight but he got educated in the ways to stay healthy.
In 2014 Alan completed his first 10k event in London for charity, he enjoyed it so much he said he wants to sign up for his next event.

IMG_2412Jemma Milnthorpe Vacation Deadline

“Jemma started her training when most people do, in January with inspirations of a fitter new year.

With a summer holiday getting closer Jemma was very clear on what she wanted to achieve, she wanted to achieve safe weight loss and toning all within 16 weeks.

Jemma started off by training once per week and progressively built up to 3 sessions per week, Jemma added physical exercise into her daily routine, she felt she had more energy and slept better.

Jemma lost 11lbs and lost 8% of body fat, she also increased her muscle mass by 6%, we constantly monitored this on the body diagnostic machine so we could track progress.
Jemma is still continuously training and has kept up the good work, Jemma is now a healthier individual by being more aware of nutrition and the importance of having a structured exercise routine.”




IMG_2413Emily Barlow’s Transformation

“Emily, mum of one, had a great attitude to fitness and has always been very focused, Emily took her fitness to the next level with a strict nutritional plan and training 4-5 times per week.

As you can see the results were amazing and she was an inspiration to females who were training with her at the time, people joked around with the saying “ i want abs like Emilie”, this was all credit to her hard work and dedication she had put in.

We tracked the progression of Emily once per month on the body diagnostic machine, Emilie went down to 9% body fat and was constantly building muscle.

Being fit is now a lifestyle choice for Emilie, she works hard and plays harder and was always ready to help new people that were starting their fitness journey, well done Emilie you have inspired lots people with your amazing dedication and hard work.”